Monday, December 27, 2010

let it snow


Just a little sneak peek of what's going down in NYC. Hope everyone had a great holiday!!

via nytimes.


Rhea (Greek Feaster) said...

stairs sledding!!!
we got the megadump here in boston, too. 13 inches, methinks. thankfully, i have the week off, so i have been weathering the storm by baking up a storm in my jammies.
aren't cities magical (in a peacful/armageddon way) during big storms??

Tali Schiffer said...

Oh my goodness! Glad I'm not there!! I love NYC but I wouldn't trade winters with them in the world!

dulci said...

yes Rhea!! stairs sledding!!! love it!

Kirby said...

i didn't dare leave my apartment but I had to go feed a friends cat. it wasn't nearly this bad when I left but I took the bus back to my apartment and I was afraid we were going to get stuck a few times.


wow!! I love the shot you made Hope she didn;t get hurt!!

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dulci said...

@Kirby - I had to walk home from Penn Station!! NOT FUN!!

@Fashionable Pris - Thanks! It's from the NY Times!

Jenna said...

wow, that is crazy! i had a white christmas but definitely not to that extent.

thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving some love. :) i absolutely love your blog! i will definitely be following.

happy new year!

dulci said...

Thanks Jenna!! Welcome :)

Kristina said...

crazy!! I like snow, but this amount?? puuuuh.
viele gruesse, kristina

dulci said...

I know Kristina - It was insane!!