Tuesday, November 20, 2012

What Wearstler Wears

Kelly_Wearstler_Closet-46_4 Kelly_Wearstler_Closet-20_4 Kelly_Wearstler_Closet-08_4 Kelly_Wearstler_Closet-05_4 Kelly_Wearstler_Closet-04_4 Kelly_Wearstler_Closet-03_4 Kelly_Wearstler_Closet-02_4 Kelly_Wearstler_Closet-01_4

I wrote all about how I loved every inch of the Kelly Wearstler designed Viceroy Anguilla, so really, it's no surprise I would love every inch of that bitches' closet. Can you believe this thing? It looks like an upscale Claire's. I am dying inside because I know my closet will never look a damn thing like this, and that is a tragedy of the highest order. Won't you share in my pain? See more here.


Ileana said...

Love these closet pics :D Want everything!


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Tiffany said...

Kelly Wearstler's closet is insane! I'm so jealous! I feel your pain, as I know I will never come close to a closet this amazing!

Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

KB said...

What gorgeous gorgeous shoes! And the organized, beautiful collection... ahh, closet jealousy!

pattern society said...

I know I'm obsessed with her. I just got her new book, it's really good.

dulci said...

@pattern society - I didn't know she had a new book! Need to check it out...