Tuesday, June 14, 2011

gift Guide : For Pops


Father's Day is around the corner, so here is my round-up of gifts for your Pops.

1. an archive of Neil Young's greatest tunes
2. Bulldog Gin for his g&t's
3. Some classic kicks - only $40!
4. A super soft Chambray shirt
5. Sunglasses for his sunday drives
6. Cedar Planks for grilling seafood
7. A set of Muji notebooks for all his scribbles
8. French Salted Caramel spread for his morning toast (and a little midnight snack...)


marissa at the boot said...

i love muji notebooks! my dad would love the kicks. and i would love the salted caramel spread. mmm!

Shea Nichole said...

I might have to pick up that salted carmel spread for myself! :)

dulci said...

@Marissa - I ALWAYS get muji notebooks (and pens, and day planners!!) they're the best!

@ Shea Nicole - I KNOW! How GOOD does that stuff sound!?

Pet said...

I was looking for some nice sneakers like the ones you feature! Good to know I can find them at Macy's. Thanks.