Thursday, October 25, 2012

Bucket List: Blackberry Farm

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I've recently discovered the beauty that is Blackberry Farm after this beautiful article was published in Town & Country magazine and now I'm officially obsessed. Between the cozy, modern traditional cottages, the farm to table fine dining program and the culinary demos, on-site fly fishing, skeet shooting and equestrian center, it's basically sleep away camp for adults. No wonder it was named Travel & Leisure magazine's #1 resort in North America. So imagine my surprise, when I received a email from Gilt Taste announcing an all things Blackberry Farm flash sale. Sure, the Culinary Vacation with Ruth Richel, priced at a mere $7,000 may be out of the realm of possibility, but for us mere mortals, there are cheeses and artisanal oils to be had! In the mean time, I'll continue to dream (and drool) about my bucket list trip to Blackberry Farm.

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