Monday, December 31, 2012

2012: A Year in Review. A Year in FOOD.

So hard to believe another year has flown by and 2013 is almost here! As I was thinking about what kind of year in review post I wanted to write, and flipping through my images from the last year, one thing became apparent. I. Love. FOOD. Maybe more than the average person? Or maybe not, but god, I take a ton of annoying food pictures. So to prove that whipping out my big DSLR camera in a crowded, trendy restaurant wasn't all for naught, here is my year in review. Dish by dish.


JAN Kicked the year off right with skiing and famous Turkey Chili in Deer Valley, Utah. Probably still one of the more memorable bowls of chili I've devoured this year.


FEB More skiing, this time in Switzerland. And it wouldn't be Switzerland without a steaming hot skillet full of bubbling cheese and grilled meats. Plus, the egg.


MAR-USC One of my favorite nibbles from 2012 was this Tuna Crudo with avocado, vanilla and pineapple, eaten at one of my all-time favorite restaurants Union Square Cafe. The combo sounds weird, but I hope you trust me enough to know that it was not weird. It was EXCELLENT.


APR1 An anniversary/birthday weekend Out East was made complete by the introduction of this incredible salad to my life. Now, I eat it pretty much every weekend. Fried things on salads are OK in my book.


MAY Wanna know a good idea? Eating a massive, delicious cheeseburger in a bikini. I found this one in Anguilla and it died shortly after having it's photo taken.


JUNE This photo makes it seem like I started eating all healthy in June, but these berries were either for a cocktail, or a pie. It's a little foggy. Either way, it was surely delicious. Calories well spent.


JULY2 Quite possibly my favorite Southern Delight is this little pink perfection. She's a peppermint sundae all dressed up with hot fudge and we meet every sticky July, same place, same time. Ain't she a beaut?


AUGUST A wedding in Vermont was the perfect excuse to stop at one of my favorite places in the world, Simon Pearce in Quechee, VT. Those were some pretty stellar late-summer heirloom tomatoes. And that white stuff smeared all over the perfect hand-made earthenware plate? It's just some whipped local goat cheese. NBD.


SEPT I just refused to let summer die, so there was seafood being eaten. Constantly. These lobsters were so huge and there were leftovers for omelets. I mean! P.S. This photo has not been doctored in any way. They were beet red. For reals.


OCT This morsel of organic goodness was eaten while in attendance at a black tie affair. I declined to wear spanx that evening, so there was plenty of room to grow, and for that reason, I ate more than one of these. I'm not sorry.


NOV If ever there was a favorite moment in someone's life, it would be when a platter of freshly shucked oysters are lowered onto a table and all is right with the world. That is my moment, people. These were my oysters. Fresh as a teenager, and more delicious than you can imagine. I live for those damn things.


I have 3 words for you. STONE. CRAB. CLAWS. I have zero photographic evidence, so just take my word for it. I ate as much of it as I could.

So, here's hoping 2013 is just as delicious! Happy New Year!!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Unsolved Mysteries: NYE


Tomorrow I am going somewhere to celebrate the New Year. Where you ask? I. Don't. Know! I'm being whisked away and I won't find out the destination until we're at the airport!! All I know is it requires a passport. So, stay tuned. When I return, ALL WILL BE REVEALED! Happy New Year!

Monday, December 10, 2012

That time of year...


Well, folks, it's that time of year again. Cold & flu season is upon us and I got hit hard this past week. Here are my tips to kick it, QUICK and get back to shopping and eating cookies from the break room.

1. I've posted about Avibon before (and so has Gwyneth), but it really is tops for dry skin. Especially the real gnarly patches up under your nose.

2. A good DVD is essential to beating a cold. Preferably something you've seen before, so you can doze off when the meds start kicking in and not worry about missing the plot. This is one of my favorites.

3. These. Tissues. Saved. My. Life.

4. I basically live in these J.Crew sweats on weekends when I'm well, but they really feel good when you're nursing a cold.

5. I can't begin to explain the power in this little spray bottle. It's like a vicks smoothie in really sleek old-timey packaging. I spray it on my pillow before bed, or in a steamy shower. Experience the wonder yourself and buy it here!

6. Let's be honest. Sometimes when you have a cold, you have to go out on the town. And there's no better drink to sip when you're on the mend, than a HOT TODDY! I've convinced myself that the alcohol kills the bacteria in your body (old wive's tale? don't care.) and the lemon and honey soothe your throat. There's no way you can go wrong with this thing. Here's a great recipe.

Get well soon!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

It's beginning to look a lot like...

_DSC0841 _DSC0838 _DSC0829

We're getting all dressed up over here. This year, we got a actually tree, as opposed to a shrub, which we did last year. It's certainly an upgrade, and I'm trying to focus on it's glory, rather than the litany of pine needles I'll be forced to deal with. What's your holiday looking like?

Monday, December 3, 2012

Tripnotes: The Californians



As promised (and tardy as usual...), here is a lil' recap of my most recent trip to San Francisco. It really is my favorite city outside of New York, and the only other place I could see myself living. Except for the hills. Those suck. But you know what doesn't suck in SF? The food. And the food at Statebird Provisions did not disappoint. This was some straight up foodie shit. All sorts of crazy combos and Asian twists. It was good. Bon Appetit Restaurant of the Year good. It was a great way to kickoff a supreme vacay.



The next day we strolled around the city, and made a stop to my favorite spot - The Ferry Building. I could spend hours in there. It's my happy place. And can you blame me? Check these FUYU PERSIMMONS, people!! This place is all about good food. And so I am, so it just feels right.



We headed out of the city to Sonoma for leaf peepin' and drankin'. I gotta tell you. There is no prettier time to be in a wine region than mid-Fall. The vines are all crisp and golden, the air is cool and you just get thirstier for red wine. But I am usually thirsty for red wine anyway.

I won't bore you with the deets of each and every wine that was sipped and vineyard that was worshipped. Suffice it to say, if you are planning a trip to Napa, Sonoma or the like, I can give you a list of gorgeous places to drink wine. Responsibly of course, because I can also recommend to you an incredible driver who owns a limo from 1994 with a light-up ceiling.



As a sidenote, in between all the highbrow wine tastings, we managed to squeeze in a wing ding and beer tasting at Bear Republic Brewery in Healdsburg. If you like brewskis and/or spicy hot Buffalo wings then these photos are probably turning you on. Good spot.



The next stop on this eating and drinking tour de force was further up North. We headed towards Tomales Bay, where oysters are born, bred and then devoured. First up...Marshall Country Store; a roadside oyster operation with picnic tables set up along the highway. Nothing fancy here. Just some porta-johns (or a diaper if you're a baby or a lunatic.) and plastic wine-glasses. Sheer perfection!







After that it was onto the slightly more refined (meaning there is an actual toilet) Hog Island Oyster Co. If there was an oyster restaurant beauty pageant, this one would win Sparkle Shine Grand Supreme. She's my fave. The view is unbeatable and the BBQ-ed oysters are to die. Plus, you can grill out and BYOB and BYO-Dog. What could be better? Coincidentally there is also a Hog Island outpost in The Ferry Building. If you can't make it out to the farm, go there!! Please?


See that? It's only the world's greatest lunch from the world's greatest deli, Oakville Grocery. There was also a fleur de sel brownie that was not photographed because it was too beautiful for this world and I ate it instantly. After the sandwich, more wine went into my body. I have no regrets.



So, there you have it. A comprehensive list of where I went and all the foods I ate during my vacation. All in all, it was a relaxing vacation with good food, good wine and some really stellar impressions of California accents ("What ere ewe doing hurr Stooart?"). The moral of the story is, if you find yourself in Northern California, and you're hungry, you have nobody to blame but yourself, ya idiot! Even the fast food is better (talking to you, In n' Out!). Here's to good living, Cali!