Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Tripnotes: Montauk, New York - Sept, 2010

The weekend after Labor Day we headed up to Montauk for a little late season R&R. After navigating through NYC traffic, we made it to The Montauk Yacht Club. Apparently, it’s recently undergone a multi-million dollar renovation. I couldn’t see where the money had gone to be honest, though our room was tidy and comfortable.

Luckily the weather was warm enough to enjoy the Yacht Club’s pool during the day and enjoy it we did. After a harrowing night of noisy neighbors (re: thin walls – where have the millions gone, people??), it was nice to chillax poolside and get ma nap on.

The restaurant was closed that evening for a wedding, but we were more than happy to venture off-site for dinner.

Go fish.

We settled on Fishbar – a popular locals hangout and we were not disappointed. The food was delicious and the location, settled on a marina was authentic. Lobster for two was certainly in order.

After dinner, it was time for some insane Hotel Arcade action. Now I know where the millions went – Dual Crusin’ USA games. Dually noted. We spent an embarrassing amount of money here.

Just crusin'.

The next morning we headed into town for breakfast. There was a steady stream of comings and going at Montauk Bake Shoppe, so it seemed a promising option.

It twas. Delicious fresh pastries and such (but no Iced Tea – wtf?). They have something called a Cruffin. Don’t know what it is. Didn’t try it. Was too upset about the whole Iced Tea thang.

Except iced tea.

Then, despite some pretty gnarly looking clouds, we headed to The Montauk Point Light House. Not to be missed. Unless you hate lighthouses.

As far as light houses go, this is a pretty nice one. It’s right on the tip of New York, so it’s got that going for it which is nice.

For the record, we did hit up Ditch Plains, the well-known surf spot, but since the weather was kind of crap, all we found for this lonely flag, flying proudly in the wind. So, til next time Montauk. I’ll be back and next time, I want tacos!!

montaco truck

The "Montaco" food truck was long gone during my late season trip to Montauk, but now I can't wait to go back next summer and check it out! Photos found here.

boardwalk babes

I have to say I am loving this recent photo shoot of the ladies from Boardwalk Empire. Are you guys watching it? I'm dying to see it, but don't have HBO! Fill me in!! Via VF.

kind of a big deal

I did a little interview at Ping My Trip - a cool new travel site. Check it out here. I'm famous ya'll!

p.s. peeps - I was also lucky enough to be featured on Be In Style, a cool blog about fashion & beauty. When it rains it pours!!

soy what?

Zits suck. So when a friend recommended Fresh's Soy Face Cleanser, I gave it a go. Yes - twas an expensive little purchase at around $15 for under 3 oz., but it smells awesome and makes my skin less zitty. Nice. Plus, it's small enough to take on trips and not get hassled by TSA. Two thumbs up! Available at Sephora's around the globe, people.

Monday, September 27, 2010

the maine event

Just a little sneak peek of my trip to Maine. Tripnotes to follow soon - I promise!! But first, Montauk.


I love the simplicity of Postalco's noteooks and envelopes and their leather bags are chic and modern. Unfortunately, the products aren't sold in many stores and they don't yet have an online shop. Damn it!! See more thangs we can't buy here.

Friday, September 24, 2010

a love story

I mean...come on, people. This is pretty good stuff. I love the music, the styling, the art direction. Everything!!

autumnal delights

Today marks the official first day of Fall. Which means football, which means CHILI!! Crock Pot lovers unite! Our time has come!! Get the recipe for this bowl of goodness here. Serve with a pumpkin ale and rejoice!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

small things

I know this isn't like, ground-breaking news or anything, but The Small Stakes posters are still the best (and cheapest) way to be a music snob and have a cool house. Purchase something awesome here.

lonny 2.0

I am crushing hard on the Lonny website, which is basically hardcore design porn. It's a great resource if you're looking to spruce up your living quarters and I love how their categories include "bookshelves" and "work spaces". See more here.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Guys - Cynthia Rowley made some cool band-aids. I'm not sure what to say except, that I love the sequin one so much that I am now a cutter*. Via aqui.

*cutting is a serious problem. if you or someone you know suffers from cutting go here.

fashion diary

I love the photo diary model Elisa Sednaoui kept for New York Magazine during Fashion Week. Girl needs to get behind the lens every once in awhile! See more here.

Monday, September 20, 2010

it's all greek to me

Damn Gina! This Athens, Greece hotel featured on Jetsetter today is the bomb dot com. I'd give anything to be lounging poolside with a Gyro in hand. If you're awesome and rich, book it here.

mad for marchesa

I am dying over these graphic cocktail dresses from the Marchesa Resort collection. God, if you're reading this...please send me some Marchesa to love!! See more here and send up a prayer of your own.

brooklyn stand up

I love these Jim Datz city posters. The Manhattan one is on my wish list! See more of his great work here.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

pleats please

Beautiful dress. Beautiful image.

The rain in Maine...

Apologies for the lack of posts this week - work has been crazy!! But I am so looking forward to this weekend - lobsters, bike rides and big sweaters await in Maine. The forecast calls for rain, but I'll be just as content inside near a fireplace with a big jug of red wine. Have a good weekend!! image here.

p.s. I've never been to Maine. Any suggestions?


I adore the packaging, though I'm not sure about the scent. The organic fragrance from Honore des Pres' is described as "earthy, straight-from-the-farm, freshly chopped carrots and blends it with Iris, Bourbon Vanilla, and hints of patchouli." Interesting...

Monday, September 13, 2010

you're invited

Fashion Week is upon us and I can't get over how sweet these invitations are. Mine must have gotten lost in the mail...