Thursday, September 9, 2010

meet me in montauk

I'm headed to Montauk this weekend for oysters and the final rays of summer sun. I'll be back next week with Bermuda Tripnotes and more. Seee yaaa. Wouldn't wanna beee yaaa! (psyche - I would wanna be ya.)

p.s. this image is from a little thang called the nytimes.


this free bird said...


wish it was me, but happy at least one of us is going!! hehe


Curves Ahead lifestyle blogger said...

lucky girl have a great time !!

Lilacandgrey said...

haaave FUN!

Kristen said...

very cool have a blast!!

Content Director - Strong Female Leaders said...

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Your blog is very lovely. I am a new follower now.

JMay said...

Your weekend sounds perfect :-)

dulci said...

Thanks JMay! I did :)

Welcome Girlie Blog!!