Monday, November 30, 2009

SF & Napa Valley: Life is a Cabernet!!

Well, Hello again.

I've been off the radar so, I thought I’d share my trip notes from a very recent visit to San Francisco and Napa Valley!! If you’re planning a trip there any time soon, these are some no-fail recommendations:

First we started with a few days in SF (a very favorite place of mine) to kick off the Birthday festivities (someone turned the big 3-OH!). This of course included Hog Island Oysters for breakfast (located in the gourmet mecca that is The Ferry Building)

I never met a mollusk I didn't like.

Aren’t these Miette cookies darling? Also located in the Ferry Building - Loving their brand identity and packaging…Adorable.

After SF, it was off to Napa Valley. Let the drinking begin!! Woo woo.

We started off with drinks at Auberge Du Soleil – a beautiful luxury hotel with a priceless view for sunset-watching. Since the $1,000 rooms were a leeeetle out of our budget, we just pretended to be rich over cocktails and vino. Don’t be a nerd. Go here! They have free olives.

For dinner Bistro Jeanty was off da charts. I don’t have pictures because I was too busy stuffing my fat face with French fare. But trust me on this, the bread pudding is not to be missed. And not to be shared either. Which was a horrible rookie mistake our table made. So get your own!

Bright and early the next morning we started drinking wine. Winos around the world smiled, their hearts and livers full of pride. We stopped at Saintsbury to taste their yummy Pinots and pet their cats. Then it was off to Opus One.

Opus One was all “What up?” when we rolled in. ‘Cuz Opus One is like the mack daddy of all vineyards.

But seriously, look at all this wine!!

Barrels of fun. Literally.

We stopped in Calistoga for lunch and I have to recommend highly that you make a mini-pit stop here, even if only to use the restroom and sample the famous spring water that put this place on the map!!

And they use this water to make beer.

And to entice tourists to take a bath. Do it.

The next morning we headed to Schramsberg for bubbly. I have to say, this was the perfect way to start my morning. And champagne happens to be the breakfast of my dreams, so it was also kinda like a dream come tru.

Schramsberg has these insane catacombs where it looks like a murder happened, but really, it’s where life begins – The life of the world’s most delicious morning beverage: Champers.

Next was Stags Leap – which if you’re a wino or you like to watch movies about wine, you will recognize as extremely famous. I recognize it as extremely delicious.

Go see it. And when you do, say “What up” to Ben, ‘cuz he’s a neat guy.

Lastly, was Round Pond which stole all of our hearts because they serve ‘tizers!! Sweeeet!!! These little nibbles were so delicious and of course went perfectly with the wine – What a genius idea!! Why doesn't everywhere on Planet Earth do this???

Okay, so I know this post was kinda intense for a re-introduction, but Napa rules and if you guys don’t agree then you should just leave.

But please come back whenever you like.


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