Wednesday, January 6, 2010

TripNotes: Beantown Blues

Boston, Mass.

Another installment of Tripnotes is here! This time, we’re visiting Beantown.

First of all, we stayed at the brand new Fairmont on Battery Wharf – which means that we got to take a water taxi directly from the airport to our hotel. Very James Bond!

Oh, What up Hottie?

The hotel is located within walking distance to the North End (full of yummy Italian options) and was really beautiful. The Fairmont is also running a Friends and Family promotion through Facebook right now so book up!!

If you do one thing in this world, you must go to Mike’s Pastry – The line can be kind of overwhelming but the Pizzelle cookies are crack. They’re so great for a little something sweet
after dinner. Just a lil nibble.

We did drinks at The Sevens. I have to say…If you find yourself in the Beacon Hill area avoid this bar!! The bartender had major Boston ‘tude and we ended up leaving. It was wicked weird.

Lame place. Cool pic.

The next morning we awoke slightly groggy, enjoyed the in-room Nespresso machines (obsessed) and ventured into the Boston chill to forage for food. Um. Brr.

Paul Revere – blurry to simulate motion.

We were blown away by Neptune Oyster (mentioned in our handy guide-book). This place is a MUST-EAT! Not only do they have an amazing raw-bar selection – complete with notes on the flavor of each oyster – the have a Lobster Roll worth killing your lover for (which almost happened after stupidly deciding to share one). Do yourself a favor and get a lil’ spendy at Neptune Oyster – you’ll thank me when you’re older.


Bye Boston! We’ll be back in February!! Stay delicious.


court. said...

next time you go, message me and I'll send you to some of my favorite haunts.

no 'tude, no hassles.

dulci said...

yes! i wanted to love Boston's nightlife, but I was majorly bummed...Next time you gotta give me the scoop!