Thursday, February 4, 2010

There once was a man from Nantucket...

Nantucket, Mass.

Although Nantucket is known for it’s New England beaches, this post is mainly about indoor activities since we visited during an intense Nor’Easter over the summer and were confined to our B&B – but it was still a blast. Check it out:

So, we scored cheap tickets to Nantucket and hadn’t settled our accommodations since everything was pretty pricey. Instead, we decided to just figure that minor detail out once we landed, so we headed to a bar with a local magazine and made some calls.

A few hours and a few pints of Blue Moon later, we had settled on The Seven Seas – a quaint little B&B within walking distance to shops and restaurants in town...


After that, we pretty much didn’t leave. Firstly, because it was cozy and they had Scrabble. And secondly, because it was raining. Non. Stop.

But then we got kinda thirsty. So we found a watering hole. Yum.

Stop the presses – I FOUND PETE AND PETE!! This truck is bright orange.

On our last day it stopped raining (figures) and we had a great time strolling through the little town popping into antique shops and smelling roses.

Come home with me now. Just do it!!

Morning dew alert!

For dinner, we hit the local sunset hotspot – Galley Beach. A lovely spot to sit with your lover and recover from a Nor’Easter.

Ain't life grand?

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