Wednesday, May 12, 2010

lovely Rita

I'm a big fan of Rita Konig's casual, feminine style. Domino's article featuring her apartment
was one of my all time faves - so I was thrilled to see NY Mag did a bit piece about her new apartment in the West Village.

I can't get over how flirty and floral this bedroom is. I bet it's so nice to wake up there with the sunlight pouring in. (Unless you're like me and love sleeping in!!)

Ok - If I wasn't jealous of this lady before, now I am - SHE HAS A FIREPLACE
aka - My NYC dream. A dream I fear will never come true.
Oh well.

Guess I'm going over to Rita's.


MFAMB said...

yes. love her. tons.

dulci said...

for me it's but yeah...mostly love.