Tuesday, July 20, 2010

bathroom envy

This bathroom from the SoHo Grand hotel is the interior design equivalent of seeing a freshly baked pie cooling on a windowsill - DROOL!! Yes - I'm a sucker for subway tile, but that Saul Steinberg wallpaper is taking this to another level of awesome.

via remodelista - (like only the best site everrr.)


Concrete Jungle said...

You are absolutely right it is the wallpaper that makes it!

Unknown said...

ADORE!!!!!!!!!!! - might be an issue coming home a lil tipsy to see this - but on the regular - i'm FOR IT!!!

*kiss kiss*
~Tiptoe Butterfly~

dulci said...

Erika - sooo true! but luckily, the toilet isn't too far away :) haha!!

Hadley said...

i love fun hotels. one day i'd like to have mini little staycations in all of new york's greats. wouldn't you? xo, h

dulci said...

yeah! I've thought about doing that. It would be especially fun to do it somewhere uptown and fancy, like the The Plaza!! I almost never go up there, so that would definitely feel like a vacation!