Thursday, August 12, 2010

lobstah rollin'

There's been a lot of buzz in NYC of late about Lobster Rolls. It's the foodie trend du jour and being a lover of all things crustacean, I'm totally on board. So, a few weekends ago on a sticky saturday, S and I hopped on the ferry and got jiggy wit some lobster rollz courtesy of The Red Hook Lobster Pound.

oh. hi.

We got ours Connecticut Style (sauteed and then smothered in hot butter. ahbglshidglh!) and loved every minute of it. Comes with a pickle and chips. Combo deal!!

Da Brooklyn Bridge baby.

Need a post lobster nap.

Check out The Red Hook Lobster Pound at The Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory. Website here gives you all the info you needs to know.


Vanessa said...

I need a lobster roll. Stat.

nicolette said...

i want it now. damn you!!

dulci said...

get it girl!!

Amelia Morris said...

YUMMM. this is making me want to revisit the lobster roll in a major way!

dulci said...

amelia - do a bon attempt!!! :)