Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Tripnotes: Chez Panisse, Berkley, CA

I realized that I never posted about my amazing experience at the legendary California institution, Chez Panisse, in my San Francisco Trip Notes. So, in the spirit of my upcoming trip (on Thursday!!!) to the city by the bay, I thought I'd share.

Located just a short ride from San Francisco, Chez Panisse is tucked away on a leafy street in Berkley, CA. Chez Panisse opened in 1971 with Alice Waters, queen of the slow food movement, at it's helm. And CP has been making culinary magic ever since. (p.s. check out this book for a great read and the true inside scoop)

The meal started with freshly baked bread and salted farm fresh butter. I would eat just this for the rest of my life. For realzies.


Love the etched water carafe. Simple and lovely.

Next, was time for some ruffage. A simply dressed salad of greens with breaded and baked goat cheese. KILL ME!!! This was the most delicate and decadent salad ever created. I licked the plate.


Not fair how good this was.

Now, for the main event. Country fried rabbit with a pepper salad. ummmm....OK!


And Halibut with spring peas and herb butter. I mean. Seriously?


Next stop on this crazy train: An apricot crostata with some bomb freshly churned ice cream. Rustic and yet refined? DONE!


The meal of a lifetime people! It was simple, rustic and above all...delish! If you find yourself in the Bay Area, you must make the journey to culinary Nirvana. You will find yourself on the steps of this humble Chez, posing with the menu, like it's a celebrity.


Like me.


Rhea said...

lucky stiff! operation dream come true. looks like a great day.

Concrete Jungle said...

Just ate dinner and those pics made me hungry all over again...gorgeous!

dulci said...

Rhea - it was a dream come tru! I read that book for weeks leading up to the meal, so it felt even more surreal.

Vanessa said...

I'm pretty sure I just died when I saw the country-fried rabbit. And the apricot crostata? Stop it.
I've always wanted to go to Chez Panisse, but have only been to the Bay Area once... Next time it's definitely on.

Allie said...

Gahhh, I want to go so bad! Always have!

Unknown said...

That dessert looks so good! Great photo of you:)

Natalie said...

that food looks amazing! mmmm baked goat cheese :)

dulci said...

Thanks Haydee!!

Natalie - the goat cheese was unreal!!

I urge alllll of you to go! It's a bucket list item :)