Thursday, December 9, 2010

summer days

peeps - it is cold as a witch's nip in NYC and I thinking back on warmer days. Join me in what I hope will be a visual thaw for the soul...

puerto rico. land of my people.

Bermudz - Home of the Dark & Stormy.

Sunset Beach, Shelter Island. They weren't kidding about the name!

Thanks guys. I feel warmer.


Megan Taylor said...

It's been raining in SF for days...not as cold as the east I know, but I'm sure yearning for a hot summer day...and night!

Lisa Michelle Cifuentes said...

It has barely started and I am already over this NY cold! I want to be in the land of the warm... sigh...

dulci said...

Tell me about it Lisa - It's just the beginning!!

Megan - way jealz you live in SF - rain or shine!!

Evie said...

hahahahaha witch's nip....that made me laugh out loud. My momma and I always say that. "It's colder than a witches tittie in an iron cast bra."