Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Shackin' Up


I'm a big fan of Scoop St., so when I found out they were having a members-only event at Shake Shack's new Upper East Side flagship location I was like "Oh snap." After some creative mouse-work, I was in and thankfully so. Cuz I like food. Free food.




Got myself a name tag and Shakemeister Ale. Then it was time to feast.


The omnivores dilemma.


And here she is, up close and personal.


Nothing like a classic Black & White shake to bring it on home.


The End. A big thanks to Scoop St. for a great night out! Looking forward to more Scoop St. Experiences. Sign up here to get your scoop on.

p.s. Check out my original post on Shake Shack.


Anna Walker said...

Nothing beats a good burger! :)
Those look pretty much as good as In-n-Out burgers from California.

dulci said...

Anna - I am SUCH a big In-and-Out fan. I always get a double double animal style when I'm in town :)

m_b said...

um...i might have just died a little looking at that cheeseburger! that looked so good!!!

tasha faye said...

ohhh yummy! it looks soo good! ahhh. craving some burgers right now.. hehe. (:

Unknown said...

Thanks so much for coming by last night! Absolutely gorgeous photos. Look forward to seeing you at our next Experience!

Scoop St.

dulci said...

Thanks Dave! It was great meeting you - Can't wait for the next Experience!!

Fashion Mom said...

hmmm you make me hungry x

Plan and Play said...

Must try those burgers on our next trip to NY. Hey Dulci, I get it! Dulcinea... Very Cervantes... Love it



dulci said...

@Plan and Play- Yes! Your kids will LOVE it!!

Lisa Michelle Cifuentes said...

Ahhh, it's barely 9am and I am drooling over those burgers. Looks so good!

jillian :: cornflake dreams. said...

this place looks ahhhmazing! i must visit NYC soon. lovely blog-- so happy you stopped by and shared your link. now following :) xoxo jcd

dulci said...

Welcome Jillian!! This place is a definite MUST when visiting NYC - it's become an institution!

Andrea (Panda) said...

that burger looks amazing!!!

dulci said...

@Panda - it was didn't last too long - haha!

Vanessa said...

Now you've got me craving a Shack Stack. And I'm way too far away to get my hands on one anytime soon. Damn.

Vanessa said...

Now you've got me craving a Shack Stack. And I'm way too far away to get my hands on one anytime soon. Damn.

ali said...

Dude. They are the best! My husband lovingly calls theirs the "burger pastry." I think he's right on.

dulci said...

Ali - that is such a great way to describe it! It's like dessert :)

Vanessa - sorry! If you live in Dubai, you're in luck - they're opening a new one there soon!

Carlota | Carlotaslittleblog said...

Omg these hamburgers look sooo good, I want one now :p haha xx