Sunday, February 27, 2011

Tripnotes: Alpine Adventure - Megéve, France

I’m usually a quick tripper. Long weekends. Speedy jet sets from A to B. So, this time round, I found myself lucky enough to be looking at a very long Euro trip (10 days) and a very open-ended itinerary. We knew we’d be starting in Megéve, France for a weekend of skiing. And that was it. Behold the great unknown.


We landed in Geneva, Switzerland, grabbed a shopping cart and after a less than ideal wait, our shuttle was ready to whisk us away across the border. After about an hour’s ride, we had arrived at La Fer De Chaval hotel. It’s one of the most charming and cozy hotels I’ve stayed at. Scope the lobby!


The French sure know how to do it.


And in case you were wondering, La Fer de Chaval means horse-shoe, so there was a bit of an equine theme.


The French love ballooning. I think I know why. Check out those mountains!!


Even the town square was puttin’ on the ritz. This tree was giving major Rockefeller Center realness.


Food-wise, things started off swimmingly in Megeve. I mean, we are talking France here, peeps. The land of morel mushrooms, Tart aux Myrtilles and this little lady.


A pamplemousse sorbet (grapefruit for all the non rosetta-stoners like me.)

After all that eating, it was time for a little cardio. Megeve, along with most of Europe, has been hurtin’ for snow, so it was slim pickings on the mountain.


But Megeve managed to offer up some pretty decent skiing and some pretty outstanding on-mountain food. Welcome to L’Alpette my friends, a foodie-skier’s Mecca.


If the snow is no good, it’s the perfect excuse to sit in the Alpine sun and lunch. Which is exactly what we did. Just us and the famed Mont Blanc.


Oh. And a kick butt dessert buffet.


Thanks France!!

Next stop: Verbier, Swizterland. Come back next week and I’ll tell you all about it!


Sarah Smile said...

I have that same North Face pack! It's the best thing ever for travel. xoxo

SOFIE said...

Seeing these pics makes me miss Europe!

woolies said...

Sooo beautiful!!

dulci said...

Thanks Woolies!

captain kk said...

oh your snow trip looks amazing. i'm jealous.. much!
p.s. thanks for commenting on my blog. i love finding new blogs. i also have my first ever giveaway going at the moment :)

Sarah @ Designs Good said...

oh my goodness--how gorgeous!

dulci said...

Thank you Designs Good!!

Unknown said...

AHhh, this trip looks so lovely! Awesome blog.

Elizabeth Saucier said...

I love the photos! Especially the balloon one :)

a m o u r e t t e said...

what great photos!

dulci said...

Thanks Amourette & Elizabeth!