Friday, May 6, 2011



I really love the packaging for the Maison Martin Margiela fragrance "Untitled". So clean and simple. The scent is described as "...boxwood, incense, bitter if they had been gathered after the rain." I don't know what wet incense smells like, but I'm willing to give it a shot.

Available, obviously, at the ever-chic Colette.


Allie said...

Love the packaging too!

Lidiya said...

I love the packaging, so plain and simple but it makes an impact <3 xoxo

amalie said...

looks like a keeper! i love the clean and simple perfumes, not the way too sweet ones.

Martaaa said...

I love citrus scents so I'd love to try that one out! may be interesting. and the packaging looks really nice. simple and ingenious:)

Marta @ An Interesting Distraction

LCR said...

i agree- simplicity is gorg.

dulci said...

@Martaa - I'm a sucker for anything citrus too!!

BookGeek said...

This IS nice, so simple and attractive. I am really intrigued by the scent as well.

dulci said...

Agreed BookGeek!

Anonymous said...

Me want some now.....LOL

Love the packaging!

Maybe I will treat myself!

Anonymous said...

Ok, I just placed my order...I will let you know how it is.

Oh how I hate the waiting game!

dulci said...

@TerraSavvy - I love that you bought it! Please let me know how it turns out :)

Anonymous said...

dulci - Definitely! I'll give you a heads up on my personal review.

CARLEY FAY said...

It's truly delighful packaging and I bet it smells magical.

Anonymous said...

dulci -

Got the goods last week...not only is the package itself prettier in person. but it comes in a neat white cotton pouch. I hate to throw it I will keep it for packing little things on our vacations.

The scent at first reminded me of cigarette smoke...NOT GOOD...but then I realized it was my allergies playing tricks on me. They are horrible right now and I am battling mother nature. I think she is winning.

Anyway, a few days later I tried again and it definitely has an earthy/smokey scent with a lite citrus tone to it. Very unique. I see the wet incense referral to it and understand what they mean now.

I love it and have gotten a lot of compliments. It is lite enough for summer, but will work into the fall with no problems.

Worth it? Yes.

For those of us in the states...remember the hefty shipping cost, but again...worth it!

Has anyone else tried it? What is it like on your skin?

Oh and the texture of the white part on the bottle is matte so it is a great contrast with the smooth glass parts. Very well designed!