Friday, March 23, 2012

Fancy Feast




If you want to learnt to plate like a pro, check out the latest installment of how-to's on Gilt Taste. Their tutorial will help you master the swoosh (as seen on Top Chef, and basically every other cooking show known to man). Can't wait to break this trick out at my next dinner party. Whoop whoop!


Sarah Carlson said...

This is something I definitely need to learn! Thanks for posting!

Serda said...

Great resource! I always try but mess it up. It looks so unprofessional on my plate but with some practice, I may just get there... Thanks for sharing. Serda

Unknown said...

brilliant !!! I saw this at so many gourmet restaurants.... love it!!

Anonymous said...

awesome, i want to try this. :)
i noticed you live in NY too. i'd love to be (blogger) friends. keep in touch. xo

dulci said...

Hi Daisy! :)

Luna said...

I definitely need to keep this post handy. Thanks for the tip off.