Tuesday, May 1, 2012

City Hall "I Do's"

I love the idea of a City Hall wedding; just you and your lover, an employee of the state, and a few witnesses. Something romantic about it. Which is why I flipped when I spotted these newly-hitched cuties!





See more City Hall weddings here.


emily g. said...

city hall weddings are pretty big in most parts of Germany. I always see wedding parties coming out when I walk by, it's just so fun!

also love the casual wedding look in the pics!

Unknown said...

:-) great pictures, but still there is something about celebrating love with your close circle. I do dream of a wedding - a small one though!


Allison Taylor said...

oh my. just about cutest couple ever. yeah, I like the idea of a super simple City Hall wedding too!

Jo said...

If I could have my wedding again, city hall would definitely be a great choice. So equisitely simple and sweet.

Kim Baise said...

what a beautiful couple! i got hitched at a city hall wedding/ vintage 40's style. then off to niagra falls <3 the best!
i'm about to dive into your blog now... it's fantastic!

Giovanna said...

So cute! Love their photos!


dulci said...

@ Kim Baise - that sounds so rad! What a great place for a honeymoon :)

Shoko said...

So cute! Loving your blog, by the way!

Luna said...

I saw this too and loved it! But it's always good to have another look though :)

Thank you for stopping by.