Sunday, February 24, 2013

Mid-Winter Pick Me Up



This Winter has been a tough one; brutal wind, bone-chilling temps and icy rain (or snow!) have made February a hellish month for someone lucky enough (?) to walk to work. So it's a good thing I stumbled upon this Pumpkin Muffin recipe over on Smitten Kitchen. To be fair, I actually discovered it using one of my new favorite apps, Evernote Food. Either way, the recipe was discovered and the result was a delicious reminder of why cold weather can be good. A muffin this cozy just wouldn't make sense in mid-July.

If you're feeling a bit sick of the cold, make these muffins and then eat as many as you want, preferably in front of a fireplace. That's what I did. You can find the recipe here, and if you wanna get weird, add in dried cranberries and chopped walnuts. I did it. And I'm not sorry.

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molly lubs tompkins said...

yum! those look fabulous!