Monday, April 1, 2013

The Woodsfolk

the_woodsfolk_store1 the_woodsfolk_store_3 The_Woodfolk_Store_pair the_woodsfolk_store_portrait

The Woodsfolk advertises itself as a "family store" selling a thoughtful selection of items for all ages. It's the kind of store I could see myself spending a lot of time (and money...) in. Since it's located in Australia, I guess my wallet is safe. For now. P.S. How kick ass is that logo!?


Kayla said...

That has to be the most homey store I've ever seen. Would love to visit.

Memoirs & Mochas

Maria said...

Hi Dulci, we had a class together at Parsons, information design I believe, and came across your post about The Woodsfolk. What a small small world :) Had just moved to Melbourne and have been meaning to check out the store.

Your blog looks great, love the name. Kudos
This is Maria Wan by the way