Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tripnotes: Nantucket Part Deux

Since our last trip to Nantucket was a wash-out due to an uninvited Nor’Easter, we decided to give it another go around. We arrived Friday morning for a weekend of bike riding, BYOB-ing and lobstah rolls and didn’t miss the rain at all.

We dropped our bags off at The Martin House Inn, one of the many cozy B&B’s on the island of Nantucket. Lodging books quickly here, so try to book in advance or check out off season specials. The Martin House was comfortable and every morning we were treated to ridiculous baked goodies...which I completely hate. NOT!

Next it was off to Cook’s Cycles for bike rentals. (Note : Cook’s has the best rental rates – check them out!) Bikes are the best way to get around Nantucket and check out different beaches (Madaket, Dionus, Jetties) or you can hop on a shuttle bus and take a ride for a buck. The buses run regularly from points in town. If biking ain’t ya thang this is probably your best bet.

At Jettie’s Beach we checked out Community Sailing for kayak rentals and sailing lessons. Jettie’s also has a cool snack shop/bar – perfect spot to refuel...cuz kayaking is hard work.

If you’re a glamorous millionaire, check out Cliffside Beach Club and the adjoining tres chic Galley Beach Restaurant. Amazing sunset views and private bike parking. Excuse me!!

My favorite part about the Tucket (just made that up) is the food! Fresh seafood, local produce and some dynamite cocktails (I’m talking to you Mr. Dark & Stormy). Lucky for you and me, there are plenty of hip and delicious places to nosh.

Black Eyed Susan’s is a crowd favorite and the only BYOB restaurant around. Try the tuna tartar if you're feeling frisky. They don't take reservations though, so be prepared to fight and give a woman named Susan a Black Eye if need be. It's serious.

American Seasons was a stand-out this trip and offers a lower priced bar menu with tasty treats like cornmeal crusted oysters. 21 Federal is a cozy spot for a night cap and dessert – they do a different dessert soufflé each night! Trust me…you won’t go hungry in Nantucket. Bring stretch pants.

So guys, the moral of this Tripnotes is that Nantucket with or without a Nor'Easter rules. I liked it better without the rain, but if I had to experience another rainy weekend...I couldn't think of a better spot to do so. Either way, you'll have a WHALE of a time. (Get it?? Nantucket is an old WHALING town - bahahaha!)

I leave you with this photo of peaceful nautical serenity in the hopes that it twill inspire you to book a trip and get your Tucket on. Peace be with you.


Lilacandgrey said...

great photos...I want to go here in September!

Unknown said...

joe and i have been planning a trip there for some time now - one of my besties called me over the weekend - while she was there - and told me i need to buy a house there :o) .. i said "if i only had the money!" .. so it's either gonna be nantucket or cape cod in the next 2 weeks ..

dulci said...

Erika - do Nantucket! It's so cute and you don't need a car, which is a major plus for me coming from NYC.

I WISH I could afford a house there...if you become a millionaire and get one, can I come over?? :)

Stacey said...

Wow! These photos are stunning. Nantucket has been on one of my places in the U.S. that i need to visit.

Unknown said...

"The Tucket" looks amazing. Looks like you had a great time.

dulci said...

Definitely worth a visit Stacey! :)

dulci said...

Definitely worth a visit Stacey! :)

Kristen said...

Beautiful - just beautiful! YOur writing and pictures perfectly capture the Nantucket essence. I haven't been in years but really want to get back there!