Thursday, May 3, 2012

Your Mom


Mother's Day is almost here, so I'm posting a round-up of some gift ideas for the mama in your life.

1. How about a pair of neon ballet flats. She'll be the brightest mom on the block.

2. This heavy cream is almost as awesome as actual heavy cream. I should know; I rub it all over my face daily (and nightly.)

3. Ina Garten (my hero) always says to use good vanilla. So make sure your Mom has some in her cupboard.

4. The ultimate cookbook. This might become her bible. Lucky you if it does.

5. Beeswax candles for her next dinner party.

6. Give the keys to the Mom van a makeover with this cute Kate Spade keychain.

Happy Mom's Day, ya'll!


nicole said...

I subscribe to Cook's Illustrated, the magazine. It's SO GOOD! Great gift guide! I especially love the flats. xo.

dulci said...

@Nicole - I lovvvve Cook's Illustrated! Their recipes are so scientific :)

Rachael {all things beautiful} said...

Ahhh....My great grandfather is one of the founders of Nielsen-Massey! Their vanilla is the ABSOLUTE best!! So cool that you featured it. I'll have to tell my grandma! And great suggestions for mother's day. I have a mother's day post going up tomorrow and would love for you to check it out!

Robyn said...

great gift ideas- i'm with you on good vanilla-i think the best is Ndali vanilla from Uganda.

dulci said...

@ Rachael - that is SO cool!!

Marionberry Style said...

Oh my gosh...YES!! I am a fellow Ina Garten fanatic! I love how she always add, "How easy was that?" and smiles. She also gets so happy cooking for Jeffery, which in turn makes me happy :)
Great picks!
XO - Marion

Shoko said...

Lovely round-up - and now I'm curious about this heavy cream that's as good as real heavy cream :)

The Everything List said...

i have that vanilla! it makes a difference.